EBN debuted in 1971 to help answer the timeless questions of how the electronics industry should organize, manage its supply chain, and navigate its boom-and-bust cycles.

Those cycles have become more unpredictable in recent years, as the supply chain has grown much more global. The industry must be all the more ready to nimbly and swiftly manage any changes at suppliers, contract manufacturers, and retailers (and even end customers) in geographically diverse markets.

While the cycles may never be eradicated, we can anticipate and understand them, manage them more intelligently, and dramatically reduce their impact.

That’s our goal at EBN.

But this time, we’ve changed our approach.

We are involving voices throughout the industry who live and breathe supply chain. We are assembling luminaries from within and outside the electronics market to offer guidance on the best ways for companies and individuals to leverage their strength and identify both opportunities and potential pitfalls. Our mission is to enable those in the EBN community to redirect resources swiftly and smoothly and execute projects for success.

Making your supply chain flexible
How strong is your supply chain? What supply chain system(s) does your company operate, and how do they rate when juxtaposed with your competitors?

These are some of the questions companies typically field when bidding for contracts.

EBN’s goal is to provide an avenue for answers to the key questions that crop up frequently within the industry.

Getting products to users at the right time and at the right price is a mission pursued profitably by fewer and fewer manufacturers in today’s economy. The difference between success and failure often hinges on how well a company has oiled its supply chain.

EBN’s focus is to make the effort more rewarding by offering tools, analyses, and best-practice ideas from some of the brightest minds available.

Areas of focus for EBN include the following:

  1. Supplier selection and management strategies
  2. The business of procurement – dos and don’ts for securing critical component supplies
  3. Demand/supply watch – striking the optimal balance for OEMs, suppliers, and contractors
  4. Capacity utilization – a critical component for gauging future production and supply needs
  5. Inventory watch – component stocking 101
  6. Pricing index – a tool for total-cost-of-production planning
  7. Electronic business index – Where exactly is the market headed, up or down?
  8. Product search – linking designers, procurement specialists, and component suppliers
  9. Distribution – Who stocks what, where? And how fast can they get it to you?
  10. Outsourcing and insourcing – life in the optimal production lane
  11. The counterfeit challenge – confronting a never-ending problem
  12. Economy watch – gauging the impact of the global economy on electronics sales
  13. Best practices – winning strategies from across and beyond the industry
  14. Government watch – rules and regulations from government bodies and regulators
  15. The Green concept – keeping a tab on environmental problems and requirements

EBN offers blogs, opinions, and comments on events and developments within the industry, providing readers with tools to make critical decisions.

EBN’s goal is to create a community where electronics professionals can develop, generate, and sustain ideas that lead to the attainment of a smoother, more responsive, and less turbulent supply chain environment. It may sound like Utopia – but we welcome the challenge. Join us. We want you to register and join the conversation. We also welcome your comments to the editor. Send these to hailey.mckeefry@aspencore.com.


Hailey Lynne McKeefry
Editor in Chief

Hailey Lynne McKeefry has spent more than 25 years writing about technology and business. She began her career as an editor at such periodicals as Macintosh News, EBN, and Windows Magazine. After more than 16 years as a freelance journalist, she has written about a broad variety of technology topics, with a focus on supply chain, components, security, storage, healthcare, and SMBs. Living in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Hailey has written for many top business-to-business publications and Websites including EDN, EETimes, Information Week, CRN, eWeek, Channel Insider, Channel Pro, Redmond Channel Partner, Home Office Computing, and TechTarget. She graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in literature. Follow her on Twitter: @HaileyMcK.