EPSNews is the premier news, information and data portal and resource center for buyers, sellers and suppliers of components, design, distribution, logistics, production and other services to the global electronics manufacturing industry.

EPSNews’ charter is to empower, inform and connect professionals in the electronics design, manufacturing and supply chain community by providing critical business and corporate news, research data and other intelligence about the industry. In addition to news coverage and feature articles on topics of interest to the industry, EPSNews also connects all parts and players in the industry via a vibrant online community. Extensive coverage of all segments of the industry is provided by editors and industry experts focused on the following subject areas: economy, government and industry rules and regulations, purchasing and manufacturing strategies, contract manufacturing, distribution, logistics, software development, and component manufacturing and trends with a focus on interconnects, passives and electromechanical devices.

EPSNews is published by ASPENCORE. Please direct all editorial inquiries to barb.jorgensen@aspencore.com.

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