Former EE Times editor Anne-Françoise Pelé covered the global electronics industry for more than 10 years and successively led the Electronic Design Automation, Automotive, Medical, Smart Energy, and Military-Aerospace DesignLines. In 2015, she joined Google France as the editorial lead for "Think with Google," a digital marketing resource offering insights, data and analysis. While at Google, she developed exclusive content on the impact of smart, data-driven business models and on the role of machine learning algorithms. After 4½ years at Google, Anne-Françoise returns to her first love: journalism. Based in France, she writes news and analysis on the global emerging technology market with a mission to bring the unspoken to light. She has developed an interest in MEMS, imaging and sensors devices, and their ever-growing fields of application (i.e. medical, transportation, industrial, agriculture/environment, IoT).


EU Chip Makers Weigh Production Risks Amid Covid-19

As the Covid-19 outbreak has worsened in Europe, semiconductor manufacturers have had to examine the health issues and risk factors for their workers. Most of Europe is under lockdown, paralyzing the economy and daily life of hundreds of millions of people. PSA Group, Renault, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, Ferrari, among other car manufacturers, have suspended production…