Bill Schweber is an electronics engineer who has written three textbooks on electronic communications systems, as well as hundreds of technical articles, opinion columns, and product features. In past roles, he worked as a technical Website manager for multiple topic-specific sites for EE Times and as both Executive Editor and Analog Editor at EDN.

At Analog Devices Inc., a leading vendor of analog and mixed-signal ICs, Bill was in marketing communications (public relations); as a result, he has been on both sides of the technical PR function, presenting company products, stories, and messages to the media and also as the recipient of these. Prior to the marketing communications role at Analog, he was associate editor of its respected technical journal, and also worked in its product marketing and applications engineering groups. Before those roles, he was at Instron Corp., doing hands-on analog- and power-circuit design and systems integration for materials-testing machine controls.

He has an MSEE (U Mass) and BSEE (Columbia), is a Registered Professional Engineer, and holds an Advanced Class amateur radio license. Bill has also planned, written, and presented online courses on a variety of engineering topics, including MOSFET basics, ADC selection, and driving LEDs.

Are EVs Safer Than Gas-Powered Cars?

The other day I heard someone on TV make a casual remark, claiming that battery-only electric vehicles (EVs) were inherently safer than conventional internal-combustion vehicles because, “you know, they don't have any gasoline or nasty stuff like that.” (He apparently wasn't referring to crash-worthiness, only “static” safety.) That thought made me wonder: Is it really…