Brady O. Bruce is Head of Marketing at Tempo Automation. Serving for over 25 years in marketing, product management, and sales with global B2B and consumer technology companies, Brady’s experience and perspective spans many industries and geographies. Prior to Tempo, Brady was Chief Marketing Officer for InFocus Corporation, an industry-leading collaboration and learning manufacturer. He also served as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Jupiter Systems and has served in leadership positions at Promptu, PRISMIQ, NightFire Software, Radius, and VTEL Corp. Brady was also the founder and CEO of RedDotBlue and fatBubble. His record of value creation includes one IPO, five successful acquisitions, and raising over $200 million in venture funding.

electronics, manufacturing, risk, software

How Software Mitigates Risks in Electronics Manufacturing

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has brought disruption and presented new challenges across every industry. For the electronics manufacturing sector, there are dozens of challenges that accompany the “new normal”—from remote work and stay-at-home orders, to travel restrictions and supply chain complexities. Although businesses have had to rapidly pivot and completely transform their operational standards to…