George Leopold has written about science and technology from Washington, D.C., since 1986. Besides EE Times, Leopold's work has appeared in The New York Times, New Scientist, and other publications. He resides in Reston, Va.

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DARPA Effort Embeds Security Into Chip Designs

The latest in a series of Pentagon semiconductor initiatives seeks to embed security features into chip designs that would allow silicon architects to probe economics-versus-security tradeoffs while baking in security throughout device lifecycles. The chip design effort represents continuing U.S. efforts to secure its electronics supply chain as semiconductors emerge as a choke point in…

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Chip Forecasts Slashed Amid Pandemic’s Grip

Grim global semiconductor forecasts agree on a pandemic-driven market contraction, with the only variable being how steep and for how long chip demand and revenues will decline. As the unrelenting spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting lockdown slow consumption and hobble global supply chains, forecasters continue to slash their growth forecasts across market sectors and applications. Demand…


Pressure Grows for U.S. Manufacturing Revival

Government initiatives aimed at reviving U.S. manufacturing were already underway when the coronavirus effectively knocked out distribution channels linking Chinese manufacturers and U.S. consumers. For example, the Defense Department’s Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Office has aggressively sought to secure the electronics supply chain for critical infrastructure. Meanwhile, several industrial base proposals have been floated…