Philip Stoten enjoys sharing his views on what's new or disruptive in the industry he has spent a career of more than thirty years working in. First and foremost, Stoten likes to write, but he is happy moderating a workshop or interviewing an executive on video. Since Stoten was young, he wanted to be a journalist, but an aptitude for science, the technology boom in Cambridge and his weak performance in English at school, led him into manufacturing, where he worked in design, manufacturing, management and sales and marketing. "You can do anything you want", was the inspiring advice given to Stoten by his entrepreneurial father Paul, an approach that led Philip to start his own design company in Cambridge in his twenties. An approach that led him to switch from technology to journalism in his thirties, publishing his first magazine, going onto launch two others and a communications company. Stoten founded Scoop to help companies in the electronics manufacturing industry plan, produce, deploy and measure content, supporting their brand and their lead generation strategy. He is at his happiest working with clients, exploring their products and markets, and helping create solutions to show their thought leadership and bring their customers to their products. If Stoten weren't working in the electronics manufacturing space, he'd like to be writing about travel or food, two of his greatest passions. He enjoys the travel opportunities his role allows him and the chance to visit some of the world's best restaurants. Of course, he takes his running shoes with him, keen to keep in shape as despite the good food, he likes to fit running the occasional marathon.

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How EMS KATEK Practices Sourcing Agility

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies, like most manufacturers, are trying to manage though a severe component shortage that’s expected to last well into next year. One European EMS provider, KATEK Group, has implemented several strategies – including a shortage task force – to maintain production levels. Components are just one part of the supply chain…