Supply Chain Hungry for Legal Tool Innovation

Technology changes quickly. Other fields, such as legal and finance, are comparatively slow to evolve. (A friend’s daughter recently told me she chose the finance discipline for that reason: to avoid having to constantly learn new technologies.) Changes do come though, especially as organizations move to keep up with financial reporting requirements.   At the…


Arrive Logistics Opens Third U.S. Office

Arrive Logistics, a technology-enabled transportation service provider who serves shipper and carrier partners to deliver first-class brokerage and transportation management services, is opening a third office in Chattanooga, Tenn. to accommodate its explosive growth and capitalize on the region’s significant freight market through world-class operations.  In addition to the corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, the…


electric vehicles, battery technology

Electric Vehicles and the Search for a Better Battery

Elon Musk has proven to be one of the investment community’s most controversial CEOs. But since the days of Lee Iacocca, no automaker has garnered as much adulation as Tesla, not only from car owners and car buyers, but also from engineers in the automotive industry. Unequivocally, rival carmakers envy Tesla’s foresight in bringing over-the-air…


Fitbit Versa

Fitbit’s Supply Chain Strategy Leverages Cognitive Sourcing to Manage Costs

At a recent Cognitive Sourcing Summit, hosted by LevaData, EBN sat down with Kevin Purser, head of global supply chain sourcing & procurement at Fitbit to find out about the company’s supply chain strategy.  Purser joined the company in 2015, having worked in senior supply chain positions at several global electronics manufacturers including VeriFone and…


Fires, Floods, Earthquakes: Manage Disruptions with an AI-Enabled Business Network

Today’s supply chains are facing a continuous challenge to minimize disruptions and ensure that goods are delivered to customers on time.  However, there is one form of disruption that supply chain leaders cannot predict and can potentially strike anywhere in the world: natural disasters.  Over the past few years, there have been numerous earthquakes, tsunamis…