Heilind Adds Laird Performance Materials

Heilind Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components, announced today the signing of a global distribution agreement with Laird Performance Materials, a portfolio company of privately held Advent International. Laird serves leading names in electronics with innovative thermal interface materials; electromagnetic interference shielding materials and magnetic ceramic solutions; RF and microwave absorbers; precision and structural…


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Chip Forecasts Slashed Amid Pandemic’s Grip

Grim global semiconductor forecasts agree on a pandemic-driven market contraction, with the only variable being how steep and for how long chip demand and revenues will decline. As the unrelenting spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting lockdown slow consumption and hobble global supply chains, forecasters continue to slash their growth forecasts across market sectors and applications. Demand…


Security Breaches Surge Since January

Finnish company Arctic Security recently revealed that the number of compromised organizations across the world has more than doubled since January. Specops Software’s cyber security expert Darren James delves into the potential reasons for these rises, alongside tips for ensuring security safety across businesses: An alarming number of users’ machines have now become compromised since…


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How Small Tech Businesses Are Faring With Covid-19

Big, flashy tech companies dominate the news – Apple, Intel and Cisco among them. But smaller enterprises, such as manufacturers’ representatives (reps), support these businesses by creating and driving electronics component demand. One of the critical factors to arise during the Covid-19 pandemic has been the devastating impact of the government mandated economic shutdown on…