EPSNEWS is the premier news, information and data portal and resource center for buyers, sellers and suppliers of components, design, distribution, logistics, production and other services to the global electronics manufacturing industry. Our charter is to empower, inform and connect professionals in the electronics design, manufacturing and supply chain community by providing critical business and corporate news, research data and other intelligence about the industry.

EPSNEWS gives buyers, procurement and supply chain professionals in the electronics industry the critical news they need to make informed purchasing, business, and other strategic management decisions.



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EPSNews serves the purchasing, procurement and supply chain community. These professionals are involved with selecting and purchasing electronics components and services and managing supply chain activities for their organization.

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50,000+ mailing list of purchasing, procurement, supply chain and design engineers who specify and buy electronics components across multiple verticals in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Your Target

A typical purchasing professional:*

• Has 17 years of experience and a college graduate (one-third have Masters or PhD)
• Works nearly 50 hours a week, with most of that time spent interacting with vendors and solving vexing supplier chain dilemmas
• Concerned about keeping skills and knowledge of emerging technology solutions current
• Deeply involved in the development of new products and technologies
• 78 percent have suggested new products or new technology to their engineering departments or design teams, and 52 percent have vetoed or contributed to vetoing a product to be designed out of a project.

What they buy:*

• The average annual amount of semiconductors purchased: $10.7 million
• The average annual amount of passives purchased: $6.9 million
• The average annual amount of connectors and interconnects purchased: $6.9 million
• The average annual amount of electromechanical devices purchased: $ 5.6 million
• The average annual amount of power components purchased: $5.3 million

*Based on 2014 EPSNews Survey of Purchasers

GINA ROOS — Executive Editor

An expert on the IP&E market, Gina is also an entrepreneur and technology business editor who has contributed articles to a number of influential trade publications in the electronics industry for more than 25 years. These include EE Times, Electronics Buyers’ News, Electronic Business, EDN and Purchasing. Gina was editor-in-chief of Electronics Sourcing, N.A. and founded Electronics Advocate, a website covering the design and supply chain community that was acquired in 2010 by MMG Publishing UK.


Barbara is EPSNews’ distribution industry guru and an experienced journalist who has reported on the electronics industry for over 20 years. She has written for Electronics Business, Electronics Buyers’ News and EDN. Barb knows and understands the connections between all segments of the electronics supply chain and is an authority on the various issues distributors and their suppliers face. She began her journalism career with the Gannet newspaper chain and has worked for a number of local newspapers in the Greater Boston area and trade journal publishers Reed Business Information and UBM.


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