January 23, 2014 
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BarbaraJorgensenThe former Newark catalog distributor -- now Newark element14 -- has undergone a massive transformation over the past several years. In addition to phasing in the global brand element14, Newark element14 has a new leader --  Tom Hudak. Hudak, who succeeds Paul Buckley as president of Premier Farnell's North American distribution business, believes his experience as president of Akron Brass - a Premier Farnell company and global manufacturer of high performance life-safety, fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment - for the past five years puts him in a good position to lead Newark element14 and drive growth in the North American high-service distribution space. In an exclusive interview with EPS Executive Editor Gina Roos, Hudak outlines his plans for the distribuor's future. (See: Hudak Puts Newark element14 on ‘World Class’ Track).

Not all distributors have implemented significant changes in recent years: those that have a winning strategy stick to it. One of those distributors is PEI-Genesis, a specialty distributor based in Philadelphia. PEI-Genesis has crafted a strategy by which it can turn around custom cable assemblies in as little as two days. This particular niche hasn't sparked the interest of larger, global distributors, and PEI-Genesis is taking its services into new markets. CEO Steven Fisher talks about this in PEI-Genesis Evolves While Maintaining its Niche. Among the strategies PEI-Genesis insists upon is maintaining its family-oriented culture no matter where in the world it conducts business and sticking to what it does best. That's not always easy when expanding into foreign markets where product demand and cultures vary.

At this writing, companies are just beginning to relase their fourth quarter and year-end results. Two major suppliers to distribution-- Intel Corp. and Texas Instrumts Inc. -- used the opportunity to announce cost reductions that include layoffs. Reports indicate Intel plans to reduce its workforce by about 5 percent over the next year even as it keeps capital expenditure, R&D and other operating expenses flat from the 2013 period, writes EPS Editor in Chief Bolaji Ojo in 5 Takeaways from Intel Q4 Results . Company executives said the slate of new products being lined up for the health, tablet, smartphone and home connectivity markets would help Intel resume growth, reversing the current trend that has seen revenue drop in the last two years.


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Barbara Jorgensen

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